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Solid wood door market confusion consumers difficile true

Published: 2013-08-01 Clicks: 3280

Now after 80 young couple most of them have their first set of new houses, purchase of furniture are hands-on, high consumption in the city, the budget-conscious consumers are spotted the opportunity to start, solid wood doors becoming many consumers preferences. But when people come on the market, ready to buy solid wood door, only to find the same wood, different material prices are quite different. Many consumers are cheap to buy a home not long after there is this kind of problem, allowing consumers to secretly crying.

Xiao Bian early July in Changsha market survey found that the same style wood door goes to the highest spread tenfold, while consumers can hardly distinguish the merits of the material. This allows the use of a number of solid wood doors brand Material fuss, shoddy, cheap charge your common occurrences, "Materials trap" hard to detect. How consumers can buy genuine solid wood doors, becoming one of the questions difficult to break.

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